The Wyandotte Indians need YOU! A fair volunteer policy has been implemented so that all families share equally in the program. An adult family member is required to work at least three (3) events per calendar year, January through December.

This applies even your child leaves the organization one week prior to the first game OR anytime thereafter. Family members may take the buyout option of the 3 volunteer events. The buyout amount is $150.00. Failure to comply with your volunteer requirements will result in forfeiture of banquet attendance AND the loss of football player and/or cheerleader veteran status.

If you are unable to make it to a volunteer position that you have already signed up for, it is your responsibility to find a suitable adult replacement and inform the Volunteer Coordinator of said replacement. If you do so, the replacement will be counted as one of your volunteer requirements. It is imperative that you sign in with the Volunteer Coordinator at the start of the event for which you are scheduled to volunteer.

Failure to sign in means you will not receive credit for your volunteer time for that event!